Additional Lots

Primary Lot


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2207 N Yucca Drive Huachuca City AZ 85616 

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Additional lots are in addition to the primary lot cost. Electric is metered every month at .16\kwh.

$398.00 Maintenance billed annually after 1st year. Rates include 1st year maintenance.

​1 Year Monthly $141. 37

1 Year  $1699

2 Year $2697

3 Year $3447

8 Months  $2461

9 Months  $2693

10 Months $2925

11 Months  $3157

1 Year Monthly $282.75

1 Year  $3393

2 Year $5393

3 Year $6893

Please contact our office manager for questions, details and reservations.

Email: info@rvresortquailridge.com

Call: 520-456-9301

Rates may change without notice. 3.5% Credit card Fee.

55 Plus Community

Whether its an RV or a Mobile Home we have a space for you.

Our lots are 35 x 70 feet.

Completely rocked and prepared for your arrival.

Pick how many months you are going to be at the resort and that's your one year lease price.

Additional Lot prices are available. Maintenance fee is already included in snowbird lease.

Complete Resort Access

We allow Sheds, fences and more!

Enjoy all of our Amenities.

Full Control of your landscaping. (some things may need prior approval).

4 Months $1532

5 Months $1764

6 Months $1996

7 Months $2229


(3.5% Credit Card Fee Effective November 1st 2021)