Updated 2024




Guest: Person(s) that has rented a space here at Quail Ridge RV Resort.

Visitor: Person(s) that are visiting you.

Criminal Activity/Incident: Theft, vandalism, domestic abuse, animal cruelty, drinking and driving, reckless driving, threats of physical harm, use of and/or sale of illegal drugs.  Any other criminal activity deemed so by the owner or management.

Neat: Free from any objects/possessions that do not belong outside.  Lot premises must be free of garbage, debris, weeds and must be kept clean as determined by the owner/management.

Full-time Residents: Residents that live up front for longer than six months.

Lessees: Residents that live in the back and have a lease.

How we expect you to treat others:

We ask that you treat everyone with respect. If you see anyone breaking a rule, do not approach them.  If the office is open, please contact the resort staff immediately.  If it is after hours, write down the location, a description of the person(s)/pet(s), and a description of the incident. Place it in the drop box at the office. If it is a Criminal Incident (see definition), call 911 and then call the manager at 520-279-2782 any time day or night.

We ask that you keep your conversations within your site. If you have visitors, you must respect your neighbors and keep all your conversations to a normal speaking level.

We ask if you are doing an approved project, please be courteous and let your neighbor know.

There will be zero tolerance for anyone that is intentionally annoying, intimidating or harassing their neighbors to either get a reaction or to make them want to leave the resort. This includes purposely talking about your neighbor within hearing distance and saying negative things about them. You will be removed without a refund if the owner/management finds that you are intentionally making your neighbor want to move.

Do not drive or walk through occupied or unoccupied sites that are not yours.

Do not walk your pets in other guests’ lots.

Do not ask your neighbor for permission to walk through their lot.

Do not ask your neighbor to move things such as sheds, carports, flags, etc., in their lot because it is blocking your view.

Do not hang lights on your fences that shine on your neighbors’ lots.  The only lights that are allowed are ground lights or lights that point to the ground and only illuminate your lot.

Security lights with motion sensors are allowed, however, they must only illuminate your lot when activated.  

Awning lights are allowed if they are hung so that the lights only illuminate your lot.

Blinking lights are not allowed except during Christmas (or other religious holidays), must be turned off by 9:00 p.m., and cannot be hung at the level of your neighbors’ windows. Christmas (or other religious holidays) blinking lights can be hung starting December 15th and must be removed by Jan 5th.

Political Signs
Political signs are allowed if they are for your party.  Example:  Party candidate (name): 2024.    Political signs are not allowed that are against other parties.  Example: Party candidate (name) Sucks or any other derogatory depictions towards opposing parties.  We do not want to suppress freedom of speech, however, we do want to keep peace and prevent any future problems among neighbors.

Loud Music
No loud music, even during regular day hours.  We ask that you keep your music to yourself.  If your neighbors can hear it, it is too loud.  

Parties and Events
If you are planning a party or event, please contact the office for scheduling.

Resort Staff

Unscheduled Water and Electricity Shutoffs
Unscheduled water and electric shutoffs are out of our control.  Please do not call the office.  It will be turned back on. Please do not leave a message on the answering machine if the power is out.  It will be restored as soon as possible.  

In addition, if an issue occurs after dark, water will be turned off and restored in the morning.

*Maintenance will not come out at night.

Power Issue and Broken Water Line
If you are experiencing a power issue or broken water line at your site during regular staff maintenance hours, please contact the office to report the issue.  If an issue occurs after dark, water will be turned off and restored in the morning.  You are responsible for keeping your tank of water filled and a generator is advised at your RV site for power outages

*Maintenance will not come out at night.

Cleaning and Maintenance Staff
Do not approach our cleaning or maintenance while they are working.  By doing so it delays their task.  If you have questions, call the office.

Your Visitors
All visitors must check in at the office and get a Visitors Car Pass.  This will help us identify any unwanted visitors to our resort.  You are responsible for making sure your visitors follow our rules.  They will receive a rule sheet when they check-in.  If your visitor is planning on arriving after office hours, we ask that you, the Guest, ask us for a Visitors Car Pass prior to their arrival.  If your visitor does not have a vehicle, we still ask that you let the office know that you are going to have a visitor.  This new rule will increase the security of the resort and help keep everyone safe.  

Lessee Visitors
You are responsible for your visitors’ behavior.  If your visitor breaks a rule, then you break the rule.  There is a two-week maximum that your visitor(s) can stay.  There are no age restrictions for this two-week period.  Extensions are available for special circumstances and must be approved by the owner/manager.  Special exceptions may be made if you have a medical necessity.  All visitors must be checked in at the office.  If they have a vehicle, they must get a Visitors Car Pass.

Maintenance and Lot Expectations
Do not place household furniture (recliners, couches, mattresses, etc.) or appliances (washers/dryers, refrigerators, freezers, etc.) outside that are not for outdoor use.  Your lot must remain neat and free of non-outdoor items. Do not leave your trash outside. All building or remodeling projects that will take more than one day must be approved by management. There will be a separate Project Rule Sheet that you will receive if you get approval for your project. No tents are allowed.

Lessees and Full-Time Residents
Every lot must be weeded during the summer, whether you are here or not. If you are not here, you must make other arrangements for someone to weed your lot.

We, as a resort, are now offering this as a service.  You may request this service with the office either in person or by phone.  Please call the office for scheduling and prices.  If you wait and your lot is full of weeds, the first spray will cost $40.00.  

Sewer Hoses
Sewer hoses must be off the ground.  This is a county ordinance.  If you do not comply, you could be subject to a fine by the county.  Use of PVC, gutters, and blocks is permitted to secure sewer hoses off the ground.

All trash must be secured in trash bags.  All cardboard must be flattened before discarding.  Only bagged household trash and bagged lawn clippings can be thrown in the resort dumpster.  All other trash must be taken to the transfer station in Huachuca City.  If it does not fit in a trash bag, it does not go in the resort dumpster.  There are signs on the dumpsters with items that you cannot throw in them, regardless if they are in a trash bag.  Please pay attention to these signs.  Some products could cause harm or fire when the trash is picked up and compacted.  Anyone who is caught throwing away any items that do not belong in the resort dumpster will be charged with illegal dumping and the authorities will be called.  No exceptions.

The speed limit is 10 miles per hour in the entire resort.  You will get one warning if you are caught speeding.  
After the first warning, if you continue to speed, we will assume you are intentionally trying to cause harm to other guests and/or animals.  It will be addressed as such and you could lose your lot for speeding, with no refund.  Speeding may seem like it is harmless.  It is not.  It is one of the biggest safety concerns we have. You are responsible for your visitors’ actions.   If your visitor is speeding, you are speeding.  Do not let your visitor cause you to lose your lot.  

Vehicles & Vehicle Insurance
All vehicles on resort property must be licensed and insured.  All vehicles and RVs must be approved by the owner/management.

Maintenance Fees
All Lessees that do not have their maintenance fees built into their lease payment are responsible for paying them on time without notice from the office.  Your lease states when your maintenance fees are due.  This includes 99-year leases.  Your maintenance fees are due on your lease anniversary date.   

If you do not pay your maintenance fees, you are subject to a lease violation and could lose your lot.    

Pet Owners
All pet breeds are allowed in the resort.  All pets must be people-friendly and pet-friendly.  If your pet is not friendly, it is not allowed in the resort. No exceptions.

Your pet must be kept on a maximum 6-foot leash while walking through the resort.  No expandable leashes are allowed inside the resort.

When outside on your lot, all pets, including service animals and cats must be contained by a fence, dog play fence, or a leash and must always be accompanied by a person, no matter how well-mannered your pet is.  This includes staff.   If your pet is caught without a leash, animal control will be called and you will get a fine.  There will be no warnings about this.  The only exception is if your pet gets loose by accident.  If that is the case, we will assist you in capturing your pet if you need help.

Dog Parks
Your fur family is welcome with up-to-date vaccines on file with the office.

Be respectful to all pet owners while using the dog park.  Use common sense and be cautious of new pets entering the dog park.  Even though your pet may be friendly and all other pets may be friendly, slow, cautious “meets” are better than having an incident.

If you have a large dog and you are entering a dog park full of small dogs do not unleash your pet until all pet owners are ready.  Sometimes pets get injured because a larger dog wants to play with a smaller dog.  Please be mindful of others.

If you want to leave the dog park because a large dog is entering, be clear to the pet owner that you are leaving and ask them to please give you a minute to get your dog.  Be courteous.  All people should be asking each other and communicating as they are entering and exiting the dog park.  There should be no fighting among pet owners if everyone shows courtesy and cooperation. 

All pet owners must clean up after their pets everywhere.  If you are caught not cleaning up after your pet, you will lose the privilege of walking your pet in the common areas and the dog park.

Violation of resort dog park rules will result in the loss of access to dog parks.  
If an incident is caused by you because you are not following the rules, you will lose your lot without a refund.

Quiet Hours
Quiet hours are from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.   Resort maintenance staff is not subject to these quiet hours.

Restrooms and Clubhouses
Restrooms and clubhouses will be locked from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. for the safety of our resort guests.

These areas are common spaces.  Please clean up after yourself.  Please leave these common areas clean and neat for others.

If you do not receive a bill in your email or you cannot find it, it is your responsibility to contact the office to pay your rent and electricity.  We can print a bill for you if you would like.  You can also call us and ask us what the amount is and place your payment in the drop box.  

All checks should be made out to Quail Ridge Estate.  Please be mindful of how you right your check.  Our bank, Wells Fargo, has strict policies regarding checks.  Please do not postdate your checks.  

Payment is due within five days upon receipt of due date.  Any payment received after date due will be subject to a $5.00 per day late fee. 

Credit Cards, Cash & Checks

We accept all credit cards for payment for all monthly/yearly fees.  We accept checks and cash with no additional fees. We cannot make changes to any bills higher than $20.00. You may pay with large bills if you have an exact change.

The credit card processing fee is 3.5%.