We are Pet Friendly if your Pet is Friendly!


Quail Ridge RV Resort Rules

1. During our busy season sometimes all of our 50 amp sites are full - Bring an adapter if you   don't make a reservation.

2. If you can get WIFI at your site please refrain from streaming. WIFI is available at the club house.

3. If you are staying more then a week keep your black tank closed until its full then pull the black tank and then the grey. This will prevent buildup in your black tank.

4. If its cold in the winter take a towel and cover your water filter outside. and use a hose insulator to prevent your water from freezing in the night. you can also allow the faucet to drip.

5. MAKE A RESERVATION in the busy season, we get full fast!

1. Be courteous to others and their space.

2. We allow campfires in a contained fire pit with lid. 

3. No campfires during windy days or red flag days (no burning days). 

4. No tents (shade tents are allowed)

5. For the protection of all our visitors, our park has the right to refuse anyone.

6. No driving/walking through empty lots or occupied lots that are no designated to you.

7. SPEED LIMIT is 10 MPH in the entire park.

- We are your home away from home -

2207 N Yucca Drive Huachuca City AZ 85616 

Make Reservation Now 520-456-9301


1. All pets must be under their owners control and on a 6 foot leash at all times.

2. Owner MUST clean up after their pet as soon as possible.

3. All pets must be friendly to people and other dogs to use any common areas or the dog park.

4. All pets must be attended by their owner when they are tied out or in a fenced area.

5. Only Certified Service Animals are allowed in the club house (this does not include comfort animals due to the health department).

We do not have a breed restriction. We do have a restriction on any animal that is unfriendly to people or other animals. All guest are responsible for the liability of actions by there pets.